Law School Graduation



Everybody meet Bruiser.


First and foremost: Sorry for the absence, but with my finals for law school I gave myself a cyber-ban from all things that had the ability to distract me – basically meaning anything I enjoyed. However with Law School FINISHED (graduation pictures will follow in a blog post soon), I now have the time to dedicate to my blog and all my lovely followers.

ANYWAY, let me tell you my very exciting news.

I NOW HAVE A DOG. (A long-haired Chihuahua to be precise, who is absolutely divine and the current love of my life.) Anybody that knows me will understand how much I have been pining after a four-legged canine companion, so as of such my life at the moment feels quite complete.

Yes he is called Bruiser – yes that was Elle Wood’s dog’s name in Legally Blonde. HOWEVER, that was his name when he was given to me. Pinky promise. I didn’t name him that myself – although I totally would have…

It is what I have decided was an act of fate. You see Bruiser belonged to a very loving family for five years. However they have recently moved to America and decided against taking him with them. (I would normally interject at this point and label them heartless for doing so, but these turn of events have actually worked in my favour). Anyway, Bruiser was given to my old Nanny, otherwise he would have been given to a Dogs home – I can’t actually bare the thought. Then my Nanny surprised me with him, and that is how I now have the current love of my life. Whilst none of my friends believe me that he came to me with the name Bruiser (they think I have re-named him), I PINKY SWEAR that was what he was called. Talk about fate or what?

Maybe it was a gift from the Law Gods Above to compensate me for the hellish three years I have endured studying law… 

Also, whilst at law school I thought it best to keep my blog anonymous, now that it’s finished I thought I can finally give you all more of a glimpse into my life.

So here are photos of me and my darling Bruiser:

(Isn’t he just the cutest).




Bruiser’s Walks – as you can see I am a tad enthusiastic. 


Poor Bruiser got tired of walking…

As you may have noticed, I currently may be a tad infatuated with my little pup.

But hey, you can’t deny it. He sure is one good looking boy.

Law School Princess



How to make me hate you in less than 30 seconds.


This post is dedicated to the tacky idiot that pulled up outside the library in a HULK GREEN Lamborghini. – When I think about it you don’t actually deserve a mention on my blog, but the whole ordeal was too tragic not to share with my darling followers.

I must say, the fact that you got out of your RENTED car and proceeded to take ‘selfies’ in front of it whilst making some sort of ‘gangster’ sign with your fingers really did give you that extra oomph of doucheWhat ever possessed you to think it was a good idea to pose outside the library in that monstrosity I will never know, but I’ll settle with the likely possibility that you have no game and thought it was a way of picking up equally as tacky girls. I’ve learnt the hard way over the past three years that students don’t really like anything which isn’t anti-luxury (I had a few incidents concerning fur in first year), so getting the driver to rev the engine wasn’t doing you many favours.

The saddest part was that you couldn’t even drive it yourself – my condolences go out to your driver for having to be associated with such tackiness – especially when you made him take a photo of you leaning on the bonnet. (A part of me died on the inside for you). BTW, everyone knows that you don’t use a driver in a two-seat sports car. Maybe its time to try and get your drivers licence before you pull another one of those stunts?

As you can probably tell, I was not impressed. If anything I found the whole ordeal extremely awkward for you, whilst shielding the look of disgust in my eyes using my Celiné Audrey Sunglasses. Whilst the girls mentioned in my post below undoubtedly flocked around this car, it takes more than a rented luminous green lambo to impress me.

Maybe thats why when you winked at me and gestured for me to come over I nearly threw up my Sugar-Free-Iced-Soy-Vanilla-Latte.

Still feeling repulsed,

Law School Princess


How to deal with Betchy Law School Girls

I’m channelling positive vibes today, so I’m going to start by saying that you’ve got to feel sorry for them.

Now I’ve got that out of the way, I can get to the nitty-gritty of it. These girls seriously need to get a grip.

The following are the tell-tale ways of spotting one of these specimens:

  • They spend their days getting dolled up just to go to the library, in the hope of picking up boys. (I wasn’t aware that dressing like a slut to go the library was either cute or socially acceptable, but apparently they have different views to me on what amounts to style.) Also, none of them have managed to nab a boyfriend – maybe time to re-assess ladies?
  • They spend their whole time standing outside the library doors betching about people they don’t even know. I wouldn’t even class them as betches actually, that would be far too cordial. I would just say that they have no manners, no class, are rude and vulgar.
  • They spend their whole time talking about money in a very naff and new-money way, constantly having arguments with their friends for not buying them a sufficiently expensive present.  – Have you heard of anything quite so repulsive?
  • They literally think they are Beyonce and ‘run the world’. No darlings, come next year when you are no longer in your law school bubble you will realise that you actually can’t get away with being quite so repulsive to people and you don’t actually have quite so many friends as you thought you had.
  • The best bit – they think everyone is scared of them and that they have ‘haters’. No girls, people just don’t like you.


What do you do when you come across these girls? Just walk on by and laugh to yourself. Literally, that is the best thing to do. ( Or you could create a really cool blog like mine to vent it all out 😉 ) They clearly had a really sad time at High School and as a result think it’s acceptable to act like teenagers now. What is clear is that any self-respecting law student, or person for that matter, would do well to stay away from those girls and their drama. The last thing you want to do is be involved by association.

One thing that’s for certain is that you can be sure you won’t ever have to come across them in the work place. Imagine them being interviewed..

I might start dishing out some advice to the victims of these girls – that counts as ProBono, right?

Law School Princess 



That Dreaded Time of Year..

So that time of year has reared its evil head once again – exam time.

With a dissertation and exams, I thought I would quickly share a little something about how I feel when people say to me one of the most ANNOYING and INACCURATE phrases ever: ‘everything is going to be finnnnneeeeeeeee‘.

Or even worse: ‘Just stay calm, relax and breathe‘.


(As you can tell, the thought of law school finals coming up isn’t exactly installing confidence within me. I would speak more about them, but they currently scare me too much.)


Off to flirt with someone in the library so that they send me all of their revision notes,

Law School Princess



God Save the Queen (R. v Law)

The constant struggle I am faced with in life is striking the perfect balance between my two favourite interests: fashion and law. 

Why can’t a girl look cute whilst carrying around her law books?

Since I have previously posted a dedication to the infamous Lord Denning, I thought it only fair to give praise to his equivalent in the fashion world.

All hail the Queen, dah-ling! 

Law School Princess